Our industial partners

Industrial Partners

Our industial partners
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ams Sensors Germany GmbH Expand entry
 Image: ams-OSRAM AG


Analytik Jena AG Expand entry
 Image: Analytik Jena GmbH


C-marx GmbH Expand entry
 Image: C-marx GmbH


CNM Technologies GmbH Expand entry
 Image: CNM Technologies GmbH

CNM Technologies is the sole supplier of Carbon Nanomembranes (CNMs), a molecular thin, Carbon-based polymeric 2D-sheet material, with complementary properties to graphene (dielectric, easy chemical functionalisation, intrinsic porosity, …). The company develops together with partners in industry and academia new applications of CNMs in sensor technology (surface functionalisation), energy, semiconductor manufacturing, and especially in filtration and separation. Since CNMs are highly permeable for water, while blocking anything else like salt and small organic molecules, they can enable a hitherto non-attainable separation efficiency in water filtration compared to existing membrane technology. A variety in production methods - from large area CNM-composite membranes for water filtration to CMOS-compatible integration of even freestanding CNMs into devices - is feasible.

ENY-Mobility GmbH Expand entry
 Image: ENY-Mobility GmbH


GBneuhaus GmbH Expand entry
 Image: GBneuhaus GmbH


Graphenea Expand entry
 Image: Graphenea

Graphenea is a technology company created in 2010, specialised in the production of graphene. Graphenea has clients in more than 60 countries, with offices in San Sebastián (Spain) and Boston (USA). Through research and innovation, Graphenea supports its customers by producing new forms of graphene from graphene field effect transistor chips to graphene oxides, whilst maintaining its leadership in the expanding graphene production sector.

Graphene Layers Expand entry
  Image: Graphene Layers

A leading global company, Graphene Layers, was founded in 2020. With its highly innovative and effective graphene-based products and composites, Graphene Layers strive to create value for customers worldwide. As Graphene Layers develop new applications for graphene-based products are found to propel our growth even further. Our methods enable us to produce high-quality graphene that is also cost-efficient.

Our core mission & vision is to develop long-lasting partnerships with industry leaders and manufacturers interested in developing superior products. Graphene enables us to incorporate strategically innovative and inventive ways to not just fix existing products but create entirely new technologies. We believe graphene is the key to opening the world to a spectrum of unexpected possibilities. Moreover, we are focused on sustainability, and our products can be used for various purposes in various industries.

Heidelberg Instruments Expand entry
   Image: Heidelberg Instruments

Maskless laser lithography systems for micro- and nanofabrication

Heidelberg Instruments is a world leader in the development and production of high precision maskless laser lithography systems and nanofabrication tools. With over 35 years of experience and an installed base of more than 1,200 systems worldwide at industrial customers and in academic facilities, we provide lithography solutions specifically tailored to meet all micro- and nanofabrication requirements of our customers, for the production of binary layouts and complex 2.5 and 3D structures in micro-optics, photonics, microfluidics and nanobiotechnology, electronics and communication technology and in materials science. Industry leaders in the fields of MEMS, BioMEMS, ASICS, TFT, displays, micro-optics, sensors, semiconductors and automotive are among our customers.

IMG Electronic & Power Systems GmbH Expand entry
 Image: IMG GmbH


KOMOS GmbH Expand entry
 Image: Komos GmbH


Melexis GmbH Expand entry
 Image: Melexis GmbH


Microfluidic ChipShop Expand entry
 Image: Microfluidic Chipshop


Protemics GmbH Expand entry
   Image: Protemics GmbH

Protemics GmbH is a privately held spin-off of the research company AMO GmbH and the Institute of Semiconductor Electronics (Aachen University) with a back-ground of two decades in Terahertz technology research.
We incorporate an interdisciplinary team of specialists in Terahertz technology, semiconductor processing, optoelectronic system and software design, application engineering and business development.
Our products and services are based on pioneering technologies in the range of ultra-fast photoconductive Terahertz microprobe devices for non-destructive testing applications. We stand for innovative custom oriented products and services with world-leading performance offered in short turnaround time.

A short company profile of Protemics GmbH can be found here [pdf, 3 mb].

Surflay Nanotec GmbH Expand entry
  Image: Surflay Nanotec GmbH


Talga Advanced Materials GmbH Expand entry
 Image: Talga Group Ltd


UST Umweltsensortechnik GmbH Expand entry
    Image: UST Umweltsensortechnik GmbH


X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries GmbH Expand entry
  Image: X-FAB


5microns GmbH Expand entry
 Image: 5microns GmbH